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Fun, High-quality Eco Friendly Products

IOco Gift Designers creates super fun, eco-friendly reusable products. We believe that reusing and recycling products is a great way you can be looking after the environment. That’s why we have a great range of simple yet exciting reusable products, including travel accessories and beauty products.

Our reusable beauty buds, face wipes, grocery bags, water bottles, travel cutlery and more are made from the highest quality materials using fine design principles. If you’re looking for fun, innovative and eco-friendly gifts for a special someone or to spoil yourself, shop the IOco Re-use range!

Why Choose Reusable Products?

IOco’s Re-use range has been created to provide environmentally friendly alternatives to many commonplace, single-use items. Australia generates millions of tonnes of landfill waste each year, with plenty of single-use products that could be swapped out for reusable ones, like straws and face wipes, making up that number. With IOco’s Re-use range though, you can help make a difference and say goodbye to many single-use items.

Our range is designed to replace the masses of unnecessary one-use straws, cutlery, plastic food bags, beauty buds and more that are used every day in Australia. This is because it’s these one-use items that are forever filling our tips, polluting our waterways, littering our green spaces and contributing to other big environmental issues. Thankfully, you can join with IOco Gift Designers to make a change for the better with our Re-use range.

The IOco Re-use Range

If you’ve been wanting to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle or to help a friend or family member take those first steps, we have exactly what you need. Our Re-use range makes for great environmentally friendly gifts everyone can enjoy each day.

Plus, when you choose IOco and going green, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo a little luxury or style. Forget about shoddy, subpar plastic products that can be bad for the environment and your body. Instead, you can use our elegant, exciting and eco-friendly products made from premium and hardened glass, stainless steel, bamboo, silicone, tritian and more. You can enjoy saving the environment in style.

We have beautiful glass reusable coffee cups and water bottles perfect for when you’re on the go. Our range of home essentials includes reusable stainless steel pegs, bamboo and stainless steel straws, natural cotton food and shopping bags, silicone food covers, bamboo cotton face wipes and so much more.

IOco Gift Designers blends user-friendly design principles with super high-quality materials to ensure all our products are innovative, inspiring and, most importantly, environmentally friendly!

Shop the Re-use Range and More at IOco Gift Designers

Check out our awesome designer gifts collection here in our online store — you’ll find everything you need to make your home and life eco-friendly. Our luxury products are designed to last and make it easier to live an eco-friendly life.

We also have ready made gift packs to make giving the gift of an environmentally friently lifestyle even easier. Shop lots of great eco gift packs, including beauty gift packs, Traveller gift packs and eco starter packs, as well as gift packs for men and women and more!

If you’re still having trouble finding something for that special someone or choosing a product to meet your needs, don’t worry. Just get in touch with the friendly IOco Gift Designers team and we’ll help you find just the thing.

Get ready to go green and say goodbye to single-use plastics and products. Shop our Re-use range and start living a more sustainable life today!

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