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Eco-Friendly and Reusable Coffee Travellers Are the Gift That Keeps on Giving

IOco’s Glass Travellers are perfect, whether you’re at home or on-the-go. Our double-walled coffee cups are made from hardened borosilicate glass, so there’s no harmful plastics or places for germs to hide. Plus, drinking your coffee or tea from glass is a game changer, especially with the IOco Glass Lid — there’s no more icky plastic or silicone tastes. When it comes to glass travel mugs, IOco’s Glass Traveller range is the best. IOco’s Traveller is the only all-glass coffee cup on the market.

Glass Travel Coffee Cups to Keep You Going All Day

IOco’s range of glass coffee cups are the must-have keep cups to help look after the environment and enjoy your coffee. These cups come in four sizes to suit your caffeine craving: a 4oz glass coffee cup and 8oz coffee cup for your morning fix, and a 12oz coffee mug and 16oz coffee traveller cup for a bigger caffeine hit or to chug your favourite smoothie or tea.

Unlike other glass coffee cups with lids, IOco’s range is the only range with a glass lid. We believe tea and coffee is too enjoyable to be compromised by the taste of plastic, metal or silicone. We don’t want your coffee experience spoiled. Additionally, our glass lids are just as durable as the coffee travel mugs themselves. Plus both the mug and lid are easy to clean: simply put them in the dishwasher on the top shelf. Should you ever need to replace the lid for your glass mug, we sell replacements online as well.

Our glass coffee mugs are also fitted with a silicone sleeve to give you a better grip on your favourite morning beverage. If you are looking to customise your favorite traveller, you can purchase a selection of different coloured sleeves and seals. Then you can mix and match your favourite colours depending on how you feel each day. Show off your stylish glass coffee traveller to your friends with takeaway coffee cups and watch them grow envious.

For an extra touch of customisation, you can also purchase an IOco Traveller Jacket for your cup. This will keep your mug extra secure and catch any last drips of coffee so you can pop it into your bag without worrying about a mess.

If you’re having trouble choosing a glass keep cup for our fantastic selection, don’t worry. We have a range of gift packs with multiple glass tea and coffee travel cups available online to make your decision easier.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Commit to the reduce and reuse movement by purchasing our great traveller accessories too. If you love smoothies or juice, then you need to pair our 16oz glass travel tumbler with our Smoothie Lid and straw, or if you want to brew your tea on the go, check out our Tea Strainer or IOco’s Natural Cotton Tea Bags.

Get Hydrated with the Best Glass Water Bottle in Australia

When you need to make the switch from coffee to water, make sure you have our Glass Water Bottle on hand. With it, you’ll find it easier than ever to stay hydrated. Made from the same toughened borosilicate glass as our travellers, this eco-friendly water bottle makes saying no to one-use plastic bottles easy. Additionally, with it’s specially designed wide mouthpiece, you can hydrate your way with ice cubes or even a cold-brew tea bag. Plus, the sustainable bamboo lid of our bottle looks stunning in combination with our silicone slip-proof sleeves available in a range of colours.

Whether you’re after a small glass keep cup or a large glass coffee mug, we have it at IOco Gift Designers. Start your IOco Glass Traveller collection today and enjoy the difference that comes with drinking from glass. As a wholesale gifts store, we’d also love to see our glass coffee cups in your store. Help spread the IOco ethos of innovative and environmentally friendly lifestyles with our clear glass coffee travel mugs.

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