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Discover the Wonder of Reusable Tea Bags!

There are few pleasures quite as simple and sweet as a cup of tea. Whether you finish multiple a day or only sip them on the odd occasion, you’ll understand the joy and comfort that a cuppa can bring. Unfortunately, few people realise that many of the popular tea bags on the market actually contain plastics. This means that they aren’t compostable or recyclable, and often end up as waste or contaminates in compost bins.

It also means that these tea bags have the potential to release carcinogenic chemicals into your morning brew. Thankfully, the reusable tea bag offers a solution to this problem. Simply fill your bag with your favourite loose-leaf tea, and you have a brew you can feel good about.

We’ve Got This in The Bag

At IOco Gift Designers, our reusable cotton tea bags are unbleached and organic to ensure that they are both healthy and environmentally friendly. They are additionally very easy to clean, and won’t compromise the full flavour of your favourite tea selections. We also have super cute owl-shaped silicone tea infusers, which offer another easy way to brew a cup of tea. Made of food grade silicone that is dishwasher and microwave safe, these reusable tea infusers prevent particles of tea leaves from entering your tea.

For yet another fantastic option, consider our convenient and compact travel cup infusers. These are an accessory to IOco’s glass travel cups, so you can enjoy tea on-the-go. Our stainless steel infusers circulate the blend freely, allowing the tea to expand and release maximum flavour. Whatever your needs, we have the tea infuser for you.

Why Choose Us?

If you’ve ever struggled to think of cute, practical and inventive gift ideas, you’ll appreciate the range we have at IOco Gift Designers. We love offering a huge selection of nifty and stylish accessories, including lots of reusable products. These include glass coffee and tea cups, which come in a great variety of styles and colours. We also have travel cutlery, mesh shopping bags, glass water bottles and reusable food covers, among other things.

We provide customers with eco-friendly and convenient options for everyday kitchenware, as well as beauty products and home decor. Designed for everyday applications, our products are built to be robust and easy to use. They are also available at great prices and can be shipped right to your door.

Check Out What We’ve Got Brewing at IOco

With a huge range of products behind us, our friendly team at IOco Gift Designers are confident we have what you need. Whether you’d prefer a silicone loose leaf tea infuser or a reusable cotton tea bag, our selection promises to cater to your tea brewing preferences. Browse our selection today, and you’ll be one step closer to making that perfect cup!

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