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We all understand how rainy days can be annoying, especially when going out to work and school. Bringing an umbrella can also be inconvenient because wet umbrellas are not comfortable to hold. Fortunately, a new innovation has been introduced to combat the inconvenience of wet umbrellas. This is known as a reverse umbrella, reverse folding umbrella, or reverse engineered umbrella. Here at IOco Gift Designers, we offer a wide range of reverse umbrellas and compact folding umbrellas that are perfect for you or as a gift to your special ones.

Reverse umbrella or reverse close umbrella is an inverted umbrella that functions as the standard ones. The only difference is that this type of umbrella opens in a different direction so you don't get drips. For example, instead of pulling the umbrella upwards/downwards when opening or closing like the traditional one, the reverse umbrella uses an upward-opening mechanism from inside out, so it's a subversion of the conventional umbrella. The water stays on the inside and the outside is dry to touch.

Advantages of Reverse Umbrella

If traditional umbrellas can offer you the same protection as a reverse one, then why should you buy a reverse umbrella? Here are some of the advantages of using a reverse folding umbrella.

Use less space

With reverse folding umbrellas, the opening and closing process doesn’t use up much space. This is why it is an ideal choice for most motorists or people who like to travel light.

Store rainwater

A folding reverse umbrella is often made with a waterproof fabric. This fabric, combined with its petal-like opening and closing ensures that all the rainwater remains within the umbrella, making sure you're dry and free from rainwater.

No unnecessary wetness

One of the advantages of a reverse umbrella is that you don’t have to deal with unnecessary wetness. Keep the surface of your car or surroundings dry. You also don’t need to worry about the drips that your umbrella will make, especially when you’re handling important documents.


Since a reverse folding umbrella takes minimal space, you can easily open and close it even in a crowded area without disturbing other people. This hands free lifestyle umbrella, with soft grip wrist loop is very comfortable to use, making it an excellent gift for any occasion.

Browse our Umbrella Range Online

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