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Stay Hydrated with IOco’s glass water bottle

Staying hydrated is important to keep your body healthy and thriving, so you need to be regularly drinking water throughout the day. However, it’s also important to be living a sustainable life.

Whether you’re being a boss at your job, smashing PBs at the gym, or out and about with friends, you should have water with you. Of course, not all drink bottles are made equal. Single-use plastic bottles are bad for the environment, while metal bottles can taste metallic. However, there’s now a third option: glass! With IOco’s glass water bottle, you can enjoy a five-star water-drinking experience and join the war against waste without compromising on taste.

Taste the Difference with a Glass Water Bottle

The IOco range of glass water bottles are designed to make drinking water more enjoyable. Drinking water from glass makes every sip taste fresh and crisp — glass doesn't leave a dusty or metallic aftertaste. You’ll likely find yourself craving another sip, improving your daily hydration. Plus, when you use an IOco water bottle, you’re making a conscious choice to say no to harmful single-use plastic water bottles while nurturing your body. Now that’s got to taste good!

Style and Substance in a Bottle

At IOco Gift Designers, we want you to be able to enjoy hydration your way when using an IOco glass water bottle. That’s why we made sure the opening is large enough to accommodate ice cubes or cold-brew tea bags so you can have the satisfying thirst-quenching drink you want. Each glass water bottle holds 600mL of water so you can drink deep.

Along with great tasting water, you get so much more out of an IOco water bottle. Each water bottle comes with a food-grade silicone sleeve grip to avoid any slippery mishaps, whether you’re sweating hard during your workout or juggling ten things at once. This silicone sleeve is designed with three holes or windows so you can easily see if it’s time to refill your water bottle for another sustainable drink.

We also like to fuse functionality with style at IOco Gift Designers, that’s why you can purchase our water bottle in a range of sleeve colours. Choose the colour that suits you best and you’re sure to find you love our water bottle even more. Since it looks so good, you’ll want to use your water bottle everyday, making it a great alternative to plastic bottles! Plus, since it is so easy to clean, you can do just that, committing to reduce and reuse to help look after the world.

Speaking of style, our glass water bottle comes with a beautifully crafted bamboo lid. Lightweight, eco-friendly and stylish, the bamboo lid perfectly complements all colours in our water bottle’s silicone sleeve range. Plus, as it is made from all-natural bamboo, this lid can even be a handy reminder that saving the environment is important.

Even though we are head-over-heels about the eco-benefits of our glass bottles with their bamboo lids, we also can’t deny just how great they look. There’s something sophisticated about glass that you just can’t get with any other material. Plus, all our bottles are made from a special type of hardened glass — borosilicate glass — so they are stronger and more durable. Also, with our clear Glass Water Bottle with Bamboo Lid, you can see exactly how much you’re drinking, so you can keep on top of your hydration.

Whether it’s a gift for a friend or for yourself, you’ll love our IOco water bottles just as much as we do. Are you ready to up your hydration-game by drinking from our luxurious IOco glass water bottles?

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