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We all know that an umbrella is essential for rainy days, but many of us don’t think about buying one until the sky turns black or the rain pours. That’s why a compact umbrella is one of the best gifts you can give to someone, regardless of the occasion, whether as a holiday or birthday gift. Here at IOco Gift Designers, we have a wide range of the best quality compact umbrellas you can find in the market. We have handpicked every design and made sure that it is made only with the best materials.

How to Find The Best Compact Umbrella Gift

When shopping for a compact umbrella for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones, you want to know that you are buying one you are going to be happy with and have for years to come. At IOco Gift Designers, we design all own compact umbrella patterns here in Australia for the Australian consumer so you can be reassured to end up with a product designed for Australian's.


When looking for a compact umbrella, you need to make sure that it’s lightweight enough to be easily put inside a purse or suitcase. Compact umbrellas can have less coverage when you open them, but their size is what makes them unique from other umbrellas. It consumes less space when folded, so you wouldn’t have to worry about bringing bulky umbrellas when you are unsure if it’s going to rain or not.

Opening mechanism

When you buy compact umbrella, you usually have three choices for its opening mechanism:

  • The manual- you open and close it yourself
  • Auto-open- you push a button to automatically open it but manually close it yourself
  • Auto open/close- you can open and close the umbrella with a button

There’s no best opening mechanism; this is a matter of personal preference. Keep in mind that auto open/close ones are still one of the easiest to open.


While the price of a compact umbrella isn’t an indicator of its overall quality, you may find that buying the cheapest one you can find will result in having to purchase more umbrellas in the long run.

Super Compact Umbrella For Sale

If you are looking for the best quality compact umbrella, you’ve come to the right place. IOco Gift Designers has one of the best collections of compact umbrellas you can find in the market today. Our wide range of designs will surely match your taste, making it the perfect gift for your loved one. We also have fun and naughty gifts, reverse umbrellas, wholesale umbrellas, and gifts under $35. Our wholesale gifts store has everything you need. Shop now!